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Dear Friend,

When you try to research how to cure vertigo, the internet just overwhelms you with information overload … and what you read is confusing, contradictory, and sometimes downright dangerous to your health. And that's a shame because...

When you get right down to it, all you really want to know is how to stop the spinning feelings that are making your life so frustrating and difficult. But you have to be able to trust that it will work, and be safe. I know what it's like to search for answers, and I also know that...

The answer will shock and delight you!

There’s an amazingly simple new book that, I swear, will start you on the path to completely healing your vertigo almost immediately after you read it … instantly revealing the best treatment for each cause of dizziness, whether it comes from the inner ear (as it does 50% of the time), or your brain (5%), medical reasons like low blood pressure or drug side effects (5%), stress and other psychological causes (15%), or difficult and vague diagnoses (25%).

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Here’s what this is all about: My name is Mark Soberman and until recently I too was plagued with dizziness. Eight years ago I woke up with a major complex migraine. The pain was blinding …. but that was nothing compared to what followed. You see, that headache ignited years of struggles with vertigo, nausea, dizziness and motion sickness.

Every day was a struggle.

My family doctor, a fine physician, did a big battery of tests. She poked and prodded me, made me stand up, sit down, spin around, sent my blood to the lab for every test in the book, ordered a brain scan, and generally did everything she could think of.

The good news was…

… it wasn’t a brain tumor!

The bad news was…

… I was still dizzy!

Fortunately, I am an expert at research, especially internet research. I make my living online, so I put my detective skills to work. It was tough, because every day was still a struggle against a world that felt unsteady… whirling … leaving me off-balance.

My initial research uncovered some amazing facts,

dizziness accounts for 8 million physician visits a year in the USA
most people have to make 5 visits to the doctor
people often see multiple specialists, and end up with different diagnoses
doctors often view dizziness and vertigo as very difficult to diagnose
according to some estimates, more than 50% of all cases are not successfully treated

I also learned that …

It’s not your doctor’s fault

if they can’t cure your dizziness

You see, most doctors get about one afternoon’s training on dizziness during the six or seven years of training they take. Your doctor is simply not an expert in vertigo, dizziness, migraine-related vertigo, Meniere’s Disease, or any of the other causes of dizziness!

In fact, after your doctor “takes your history” and talks to you for a while, almost always they will leave the leave you in the little examination room for a while.


Because the doctor (who’s not an expert) is looking up your symptoms on the internet! That’s right …. almost all doctors offices subscribe to one of the major online medical reference websites …. and that’s what your doctor uses to diagnose and treat you.

Now you can have the same information your doctor has … and more! I have done all the research for you. It’s simple so anyone can understand it. Best of all, you will understand exactly what to do to heal your dizziness quickly and safely.

Are You Ready To Stop Researching
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Here, in more specific detail, is what this book reveals:

Complete guide to symptoms in any vertigo diagnosis. Now you can be confident that you understand why you feel the way you do. See page 9.
What’s causing your dizziness? Is it Acute Neuronitis, or Meniere’s Disease, or Mal de Debarquement Syndrome? (pages 6,7,8).

You will also learn the key information about Mareo Motion Sickness Complex (page 49), Visual Triggers (page 10), and Migraine-Associated Vertigo or Dizziness. And it’s all written in language anyone can understand.
How to know if you have Benign Positional Vertigo (page 5). Discover the outstanding physical therapy (page 27 and 29) that has the highest cure rate…. but many doctors remain in the dark about. Hint…. it involves sleeping at a 45 degree angle for two nights.
Page 27 reveals another easy-to-follow home treatment that literally tricks your brain into taking away the dizziness in 5 minutes. Thousands of clients report that this one simple remedy is worth ten times the cost of the book …. all by itself.

You can see why Conquer Vertigo and Motion Sickness is causing such a stir on the internet. This collection of little-known treatments, cures, and medications about to be revealed to you is guaranteed to show you exactly how to eliminate your dizziness. It’s not just a dry medical manual…. or a technical description of your problem…. you WILL experience dramatic and wonderful changes just as soon as you put these cures into action.

You are only moments away from downloading …

A complete listing of all the treatment choices your doctor knows (and then some). I have put everything in simple language and made everything easy to understand.
Avoid expensive, dangerous prescription drugs! You can discover solutions that are equally effective…. cost less…. and have zero side effects.
IF YOUR VERTIGO ATTACKS … WHAT DO YOU DO? It took me two years to discover the amazingly simple steps to take when the dizziness strikes. You can put a dead-halt-stop to the woozy feelings if you know what to do the instant an attack hits you.
Learn your specific triggers. Armed with this information you can avoid most attacks …. and relieve the symptoms until you learn to avoid the situational attacks forever! You can feel secure and confident that you know what to do.
Does acupuncture work? On page 42 you can learn the simple ways to know if acupuncture is right for you or not.
Have you been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease or tinnitus? Everything is covered in our pages including …what dietary changes to make (page 42), the amazingly effective John of Ohio’s Treatment” (page 45), the startling new Anti-Viral Approach (page 46), should you have steroid injections? (page 43), and the pros and cons of the Local Over-Pressure Treatment (page 43).

It took me two years to research everything that is contained in Conquer Vertigo and Motion Sickness. Some of the information is available on the internet, but it might take you weeks or months to do your research.

And please remember…. this book is focused on the treatments, cures, and solutions to the problem. I’ve already done all the hard work of taking thousands of pages of dry medical information and turning it into a simple guide to healing your dizziness.

Here’s a partial list of what I will
make simple and easy to understand.
It’s all explained step-by-step for you!

vestibular suppressants
calcium channel blockers
allergies and sinus-related dizziness
serotonin inhibitors
homeopathic medicines and treatments
nutritional supplements
physical therapies
vestibular rehabilitation
dietary changes
over-pressure treatments
prescription drug choices
non-prescription drugs and alternatives
EarPlanes … what they are and who they work best for
the Mareo Motion Sickness complex
ReliefBand; Is it right for you?
chiropractic care, how to know when it’s the best choice

How Much Does This Cost?

I’m sure you are wondering how much you have to pay for this. I did spend two years of my life researching every cure for all the causes of dizziness, vertigo and motion sickness. After the research it took another two months of writing and editing to make sure that every word was in plain English, and easy for anyone to understand.

The original price of Conquer Vertigo and Motion Sickness was $79.95. Hundreds of satisfied customers have purchased it at that price.

But recently my wife Monica came to me with a suggestion.

She said “Mark, I know you have spent two years of your life learning all about how to cure dizziness. But this information is so powerful that everybody should have a chance to have it, even if they are on a tight budget. Why don’t you cut the price in half and see what happens?”

So I’m reducing the price to $27.00 for a limited time - this week only!

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Please order now and see for yourself. I am so sure that you will be successful that I will take all the risk.

In fact, I want you to know that your cure from dizziness and vertigo is as long-lasting as mine is.

If you do not honestly feel like you have learned everything you need to cure your vertigo and dizziness, I don't want to keep your money!

Unless you are totally delighted, just contact me and I will issue a cheerful, smiling refund. I stand completely behind my Conquer Vertigo and Motion Sickness ebook and I know that it's everything you need!

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Nikki C., California
I’m Not The Only One

"I really do appreciate all your insight and advice; it feels so nice to talk to someone about this and hear that there are people like me out there, searching for an answer, and I'm not the only one in the world. Thank you so much for everything."

Chris J., Salt Lake City, UT
I Thanked Jesus

"Thank you so much for your book, "Conquer Vertigo!" It has been a great help. My mom has recently struggled with this illness. But she has done the home remedy exercise and has taken one of the suggested medications and she is doing so much better. Stress, I believe, is mainly what brought this on. She has learned to chill out more about things. Truly, (this may sound different to you) I literally thanked Jesus for what you have done for us and prayed that the LORD God would bless you and your work. Again, thank you."

Tess S., New York, NY
A God-Send!

"Your book was a godsend. Vertigo runs in my family, so I thought it was something I just had to learn to live with it. But I tried some of the ideas in your book and they really helped relieve my symptoms and my misery."

Mary J., Spokane, WA
I Was Wrong

"I would like to thank you for a very informative e-book. I hesitated in ordering it, several times. I wanted it, but I was worried that it would not give me any information that I already had researched. I was wrong. I have suffered from bouts of vertigo and anxiety attacks for over 25 years. They come suddenly, and always make my life miserable. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TIME YOU PUT INTO HELPING ALL OF US, LIKE YOU, WHO SUFFER THIS VERY FRIGHTENING THING."

Andrea W., Vancouver, BC
I Didn’t Know Such A Thing Existed

"Thank you for your very informative ebook on vertigo and motion sickness. Almost any movement of my head other than looking straight ahead can trigger a feeling of mild dizziness and nausea. Occassionally I get a full-blown room-spinning episode... I also have motion sickness. Until reading your e-book, I didn't know such a thing existed to treat this. Thank you very much!"

Shannon D., Oregon
This Is Me

“I am in total SHOCK!! This is me to a “T”. I now know what is ailing me. Thank you so much for this information. I would have never ran across this on my own.”

Harlan H., St. Louis, MO
Gave Me Several Solutions

"I have suffered from dizziness and vertigo for the last ten years, but I didn't know what to do about it. Your e-book gave me several solutions that worked for me, and now I can manage the symptoms and not worry about having an episode. I can even ride in a car again!"

Janet and John, United Kingdom
Within One Hour She Was Transformed

"I must say your e-book has been invaluable; step by step I worked through the advice and my wife did not believe it would help her condition, [which] was a viral infection (labyrinthitis). We saw that several things would help but one stuck in my mind. [She took this remedy] and within 1 hour she was transformed. She cannot thank you enough especially being unable to leave a chair for more than three days, I think this is a miracle and can say your book was a Godsend. Bless you for your endeavours."

Beth, New Zealand
I Went Boating!

"I just wanted to thank you very very much, because after 20 years of suffering from a middle ear problem (perilymph fistula) causing severe motion sickness during all modes of transport, housework, even walking when I was really bad, computer used etc, and having undergone 3 operations, a course of hypnotherapy and trying many many many different medications, herbal remedies, and various products etc, the [product you recommended] is just amazing!!!!!

Total success - I have even been jet-boating for the first time ever! I no longer feel anxious about travelling on buses, trains, planes, cars - even BOATS!! I can now even enjoy the scenery, not having to drive myself, or keep looking only dead ahead to avoid getting ill!"


Lifetime Updates to Conquer Vertigo and Motion Sickness PLUS Instant Update Newsletter - The latest research, right away!

A central part of my life’s work is dedicated to eliminating vertigo and dizziness. I monitor medical journals, online medical resources, and holistic alternative treatments regularly. When changes occur, I update this book and inform all my clients about the latest treatment successes.

Sometimes things are too important to wait for a new edition of a book.The Instant Update Newsletter will rush you news about new drugs, recalled drugs, side-effects alerts, notifications about new developments in treatments.

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How Is Vertigo Diagnosed?

I was shocked to discover that between 25% and 50% of all cases involving vertigo and dizziness are incorrectly diagnosed, or given a “presumptive diagnosis (which means the tests are not 100% sure) or the treatment is not successful.

I want you armed with everything you need to make sure that your dizziness is cured!

This ebook is a complete guide to understanding diagnosis and it’s simple enough that anyone can understand it.

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I Can - How to Conquer Your Fears and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Let's face it, dealing with this illness creates a number of problems. This great bonus will get you back on track mentally as well as get your mind to become the greatest ally in your recovery. You'll learn how to train your mind to create positive reality through positive thoughts. You'd be amazed at what you're going to experience by unleashing this untapped power that each of us has within. Beat your illness and then restore your mind.

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How to Get Rid of Panic and Anxiety for Good!

There's no doubt that dealing with vertigo, dizziness and motion sickness creates a high level of anxiety and stress. Many of you might even have panic attacks as a result, or at the very least be living with elevated anxiety. We're going to show you how to relieve yourself of these distressing symptoms - they're not good for your health and they certainly aren't good for your recovery. This amazing guide will take you by the hand and show you how to release the panic, anxiety and stress... forever.

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